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G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.
(Perfecting Leadership through Anointed Nurturing)

Ministry Leaders should be freed up to do what God has called them to do, which is attend to Provide leadership, direction and guidance for the business of their ministries. Many times Ministry Leaders are enthralled with the day-to-day activities of waiting on tables.  The need to handle detail can consume much of the Ministry Leaders time and result in frustration, stress and burnout. When Leaders are given the opportunity to be freed up to handle more weighty matters, they will be able to receive Divine Clarity relating to ministry vision, mission and direction, as well as receive a Fresh Revelation from God in order to ministries from dimension to the next.   The components involved in executing the Consultative Partnership involve the following G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.

Once the G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N is complete, your organization will experience the following benefits:
* A Comprehensive Vision Implementation Plan covering all areas of ministry development, moving from vision to reality,
* Greater clarity in Communication of Vision & Mission,
* Departmental Vision Implementation Plans,
* Creation of a Global Vision Statement,
* Creation of growth specific Mission Statement,
* Creation of relevant and sustainable Core Values,
* Development of a consistent Corporate Motto that gives identity to your organization's Foundational Principles, while creating the image for the development of an effective Marketing Campaign,
* Development of procedures for Financial, Human Resource, Risk Management and Administrative systems,
* Creation of a Detailed and Clear Organizational Structure,
* Development of Process and Structure for Apostolic Training, Fellowship and Growth,
* Leadership Development Resources, and
* Ongoing Consultative Dialogue and Feedback.

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