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Strategic G.A.M.E. Plan

Strategic G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.: This segment involves moving from vision to mission to action, using the 5 tenets of vision casting; revelation,  conceptualization, articulation,  actualization and evaluation.

Systematic G.A.M.E. Plan

Systematic G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.: This segment involves assessing organizational effectiveness
and provides recommendations for
organizational development and
alignment utilizing the 5 C’s of Systematic
development; coordination,
cooperation, correlation, collaboration
and communication.

Servant G.A.M.E Plan.

Servant G.A.M.E. P.L.A.N.: The
segment involves working with
the Pastor to develop greater tools of
leadership development focusing on
the components of Envisioning,
Encouraging and Equipping.

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